Massage for Cancer

Treatment Relief and Recovery

Massage For Cancer PatientsMassage for Cancer Patients is tailored to fit your progress through the treatment process. It's helpful within the structure of your treatment schedule or in conjunction with post-surgical rehabilitation. A massage session reduces anxiety associated with surgeries and uncomfortable procedures. It also provides relaxation and a gentle, caring respite from the daily schedule of tests and appointments.

In addition to the many benefits of massage, these are some added benefits specifically enjoyed by massage for cancer patients:

Physical Benefits of Massage for Cancer

  1. Decreases intensity of symptoms related to chemotherapy and radiation
  2. Provides faster anesthesia recovery
  3. Stimulates faster wound healing and increases elasticity of scars
  4. Renders pain relief and reduces need for pain medication
  5. Enhances effectiveness of other treatments such as physical therapy
  6. Increases patient awareness of stress signals
  7. Prevents bedsores
Emotional & Mental Benefits of Massage for Cancer

  1. Provides active participation in healing process
  2. Decreases anxiety and depression
  3. Strengthens and build hope as a positive experience to look forward to
  4. Represents a pleasant distraction
  5. Offers meaningful interaction and forum to express feelings
  6. Relieves isolation and touch derivation
  7. Opens doorway to greater intimacy with family and friends

Furthermore, massage for cancer patients serves to remind you that it is possible to feel good in your body.

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